What is a Swamp Buggy Excavator?

Marsh equipment meets the challenge of wetlands and soft-terrain by combining buoyancy with the maneuverability of a tracked vehicle.

Swamp buggy excavators, also called swamp buggies, marsh buggies, marsh excavators, marsh backhoes, have a unique ability to work in soft terrains. Prior to their development, natural resources in swamps and marshes were exploited by cutting canals to bring water-borne heavy equipment to work. Cutting canals is costive and has caused major environmental problems to vulnerable ecosystems, while marsh Machines offer a unique capability to access these areas to perform heavy work.

The Marsh Buggy undercarriage is built on two large pontoons, with the tracks mounted around the pontoons. The pontoons are custom fabricated for a particular machine to provide the correct displacement and balance to allow the machine to safely float on water.

The tracks of a Marsh Buggy are longer and wider which provides the maximum surface area for ground contact. Here it is necessary for the Marsh Buggy manufacturer to balance the requirement for large surface area for reduced ground pressure, with a compact design that maximizes the maneuverability of the machine. Special attention should be paid to the profile of the bottom of the pontoons to ensure the machine turns efficiently.

Marsh Excavators can use any attachment that can be fitted to a regular excavator. Their applications in wetland areas are the same as those of a regular excavator in conventional conditions.

Most Marsh Excavators are not designed to actually operate in open water unless they are installed with side pontoons and pilling spuds for the stabilities. There has never been a machine more suited to its environment than the marsh buggy. When it comes to work or bringing equipment, in to those places that are too thick to swim in, or too thin to walk on, the Marsh Buggy is the perfect tool.

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